Streaming ETL solutions are revolutionizing what's possible for data pipelines.

For too long, enterprises have been forced to choose between batch and streaming processes.

Estuary allows enterprises of any size to deploy true real-time pipelines that scale for high-volume use cases — without making difficult trade-offs or investing in complex infrastructure.

Real time analytics

Fresh, error free data is the key to real-time business intelligence.

Batch data pipelines introduce latency by definition. Low-latency, high-volume data streaming pipelines give you powerful real-time insight about your business.

Whether you're looking to improve anomaly or fraud detection or to improve your predictive analytics, building your analytics practice on the freshest data is a no-brainer.

Customer 360

Building a complete view of customer data is getting harder every year.

As customer touchpoints fragment, it's vital to quickly connect their data from multiple sources. By doing so, you can create a real-time view of your customers' journey and provide a personalized experience to every customer.

Customer 360 isn't just about improving your digital conversion rates. It can also help match real-time inventory, improve customer service, and manage stock better.

Database replication using CDC

Move your data efficiently without latency and errors using CDC.

Change data capture has the potential to provide a real-time foundation for database replication. But error-prone batch pipelines that aren't fit for purpose can keep you from taking advantage of it.

Estuary's low-latency, high-scale CDC processes allow you to move data from legacy databases to analytics environments efficiently — with no data loss and zero downtime.

Database migration

Migrate your data easily, even from legacy databases.

Migrating your data to the cloud unlocks new, cost-effective options for analytics, reporting and intelligence. But moving it there from legacy databases can be error-prone, expensive, and time consuming.

Estuary's data pipelines integrate with all leading legacy databases, so you can get to work extracting your data in minutes. And with intelligent transformation options and integrations with leading cloud warehouses, your data will arrive when you want it, error free.