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Data Movement

Data capture

Capture your data from sources like databases and SaaS applications.

Real-time CDC from databases. Built by the Estuary team to scale and ensure exactly once semantics.

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Real-time SaaS integrations built by the Estuary team for apps that support streaming.

Long-tail SaaS. Integrate any Airbyte connector to access 200+ batch-based endpoints.


Powerful transformations

True streaming SQL and Javascript transformations.


Maintain low-latency views across systems of your choice. Built by the Estuary team, all materialization destinations are natively real-time.


Easily add

connectors through

our open protocol

Built-in testing

Unit tests ensure that you can be confident your data is accurate as you evolve pipelines.

Survive any failure

Cross region and datacenter so that downtime in cloud providers won’t affect you.

Exactly-once semantics

Ensure transactional consistency so you can have precise world views – and not just eventually consistent or at-least once semantics.

Minimize load on your systems

Pull data from your systems once using low-impact CDC, and Flow can help you use it across all your systems without having to re-sync.


Flow is a distributed system that scales with your data and has been operated at data volumes up to 7 GB/s. Backfill terabytes of data in minutes from your source systems without breaking a sweat.

Live reporting and monitoring

Know your data is flowing with up-to-the-minute reporting.

Schema inference

Turn your unstructured data into structured data.

Use it free with hands-on support.  Scale without bounds.

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