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for apps, analytics, and AI.

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Streaming CDC with SQL and Typescript transforms, all at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives

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Move and transform your data from where it is to where you want it in milliseconds, without scheduling.

Capture from clouds, databases, and SaaS apps using real-time ETL, create real-time transformations and materialized views, for a consistent, exact copy of your data powering both analytics and operations.

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Tools the whole team can use

Make updates through Flow’s UI or CLI. Programmatic access for the ability to easily embed and whitelabel pipelines.


No scheduling or orchestration tools required. Automated schema management and data deduplication.


Proven, fault-tolerant architecture. Built upon cloud storage, extended with real-time capabilities.


Powering active workloads at 7GB/s CDC from any size database.

Accuracy & Control

Your pipelines, how you want them. Safeguard your data products with built in, customizable schema controls. Idempotent, exactly once semantics.

Real-time database replication

  • Powering exact copies of your data where you want them. Supports databases of 10TB+.
  • Database connectors & real-time Salesforce integration built in-house.
  • Supports open source batch-based connectors. Bring any Airbyte connector in and run it enabling access to 200+ connectors.
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A robust set of features

Data replication & migration

Centralize data with real-time replication.

Streaming ETL

Real-time ETL for always-up-to-date data in your warehouse of choice.

Data Modernization

Seamlessly connect legacy systems to a modern hybrid cloud environment that’s fully extensible.

Data mesh

Power your data mesh in real time with tools that your entire company can use.

Operational analytics

Understand the performance impact of your real-time analytical workloads.

Customer 360

Gain a unified view of your customers while your team interacts with them. Real-time with historical data.

Real-time analytics

Use plain old SQL for streaming analytics on your data to react to business events in real time.

Data sharing

Securely allow other users access to your realtime data products, and materialize them into whatever destination system they want.

Use it free with hands-on support.  Scale without bounds.

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What our customers say

“We needed a platform to help us optimize marketing campaigns with low-latency. Estuary provided an unparalleled solution to do that at terabyte scale."

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"Estuary is our preferred CDC solution for importing data from application databases into BigQuery for analytics. It offers a transparent pricing structure, timely support responses, and an intuitive CLI tool for bulk configuration tasks. In contrast, other market solutions often have ambiguous pricing and fewer options for precise data replication across environments. This makes choosing to use Estuary an obvious decision."

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"Estuary Flow makes tough data transformation problems a piece of cake with its intuitive user interface and incredible breadth of features."

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"Getting #MINIMA real-time data replication out to the Postgres database was not fun until we found @EstuaryDev it is the best materialization."

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Minima Global

“Estuary is the only system we’ve found that can seamlessly replicate large scale Firestore data for analytics. After months of research and trying everything, we can confidently say that Estuary is the only company that can help us get easy, accurate analytics on our data within Snowflake when replicating from Firestore data."


“We're a big fan of Estuary's real-time, no code model. It's magic that we're getting real time data without much effort and we don't have to spend time thinking about broken pipelines. We've also experienced fantastic support by Estuary."


“Estuary Flow allows us to integrate low-latency CDC and connect to SaaS apps across our entire reporting stack and it’s the only solution that we’ve found that lets us do both.”

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"This tool is 1000x times better than LogStash or Elastic Enterprise Data Ingestion Tool."

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"Estuary Flow is the only SaaS tool that we found which can do a simple loop and calculate COGS from an array of objects nested in a property. We love to write transformations in typescript because it's in the same codebase and super easy to maintain and read. It's a true game changer."

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"Estuary makes working with real-time data more cost effective and just as simple as working with batch data."

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Seattle Data Guy

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