True Platform

True Platform reduced its data pipeline spend by >2x and discovered seamless, scalable data movement


  • Suffered from unpredictable weekly downtime alerts from Fivetran.
  • Forced to do Fivetran upgrades that didn’t deliver much value.
  • Received shockingly large Fivetran bills that led to cost overruns.


  • Replaced Fivetran with Estuary to stream data from the Thrive TRM database, PostgreSQL, to their analytical environment, Snowflake.


  • Zero to live in hours.
  • Over 2x reduced cost moving data from Postgres to Snowflake compared to Fivetran. 
  • 24x lower latency, from 6 hours down to 15 minutes, with room to go lower.
  • No more downtime or troubleshooting. Estuary just worked.

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A reliable low cost data pipeline that ensures their real-time data flows are always on.

True Platform helps companies across industries make the best choices in their most important hiring decisions. They do this by combining the expertise of talent search pros with the power of AI and their proprietary technology — most notably Thrive Talent Relationship Management (TRM).

The Challenge

True Platform’s data team was pretty sure that moving their own data from PostgreSQL — the database underlying Thrive TRM — to Snowflake for analysis didn’t need to be a convoluted process. But as Fivetran customers, they received what seemed like weekly downtime alerts, spent hours puzzling through shockingly large invoices, and were forced to stretch their budget for basic but necessary upgrades they knew weren’t priced based on actual engineering value. They would also often get complaints from users asking “is something broken?” What these users didn’t know was that data was only refreshed every 6 hours, and their data just hadn’t been loaded yet.

All this was enough to impact customer satisfaction and distract the data team from what actually mattered: continuously creating business insight from the latest Thrive TRM data, evolving Thrive TRM based on their findings, and passing business conclusions on to their in-house talent search experts. 

The Solution

True Platform’s data leaders took their time evaluating data pipeline tools. They knew they needed a platform that could keep their Snowflake analytical environment up-to-date without introducing surprise downtime, or draining the data budget. 

They found all this in Estuary Flow. Since switching to Estuary, True Platform has seen its data pipeline vendor costs decrease by over 2x, with much more predictable pricing based on changed data volume. With Estuary, the time spent on maintenance dropped more than 50%.

More importantly, the new data pipeline has had zero downtime since deployment, due in part to a combination of greater reliability and much more responsive support. With a reliable tool in place, the True Platform team can now focus more on innovating and improving analytical workflows. 

Estuary Flow has made the data team at True confident that in the future they will be able to easily add more data sources, deliver new capabilities, and scale with the business.

“The ease and rock-solid reliability of Estuary Flow combined with the responsiveness of Estuary customer support was phenomenal, like nothing we've seen with other vendors. It not only helped us quickly implement and deploy our new data pipeline. It made us confident that even if things went wrong, we could address it before it impacted our customers.”

— Nemo Nemeth, Chief Data Officer, True Platform