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Soli & Company trusts Estuary’s approachable pricing and quick setup to deliver change data capture solutions


  • Getting hard to justify the implementation, subscription, and maintenance costs of change data capture (CDC) vendors.
  • Client’s requirement to replicate all data each month made costs even higher.


  • Implemented Estuary for CDC and real-time ETL, for all of the client's databases, in under 2 weeks.


  • Enabled self-service analytics and segmentation for client’s advertising workflows.
  • Reduced total CDC vendor costs 3x compared to other vendors.
  • Implemented 6x faster than the alternative.

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Save money on managed Change Data Capture

The Challenge

The engineers at Soli & Company focus on building solutions that prioritize performance and save time for their clients. In a shifting economic climate, they were finding it harder to justify the hard-to-follow pricing models of other change data capture (CDC) vendors. When Tony Tushar, a principal data consultant at Soli & Company, took on a new client that was replicating fast-changing data, it was clear that they needed CDC — but none of the existing vendors seemed like the best, cost-effective fit.

The Solution

Another consultancy estimated two weeks of setup per CDC source, but after learning about Estuary Flow, Tony felt confident he could set up all 6 sources in two weeks. As promised, Tony and the team set up a single data pipeline using Estuary Flow that connected 6 different MariaDB instances to BigQuery in under two weeks. With CDC infrastructure in place, the client eliminated redundant processing, enabled self-serve analytics for advertising, and is enjoying more streamlined collaboration with Soli & Company.


“[Estuary Flow is] a very productive product with a great pricing model given the current climate that we're in. I think a lot of cost-conscious data practitioners could benefit from giving it a try.”

— Tony Tushar, Principal Data Consultant Soli & Company


After using Estuary Flow to provide their client with a quick and affordable transition to CDC, Soli & Company plans to recommend Estuary Flow to future clients.