Accessing real-time insights at all stages of the data lifecycle might be easier than you think. 

As we expand our beta program, Estuary is thrilled to announce our partnership with Rockset. 

Estuary Flow is the first platform that provides real-time access to high-scale data across all your systems. It integrates both databases (through change data capture) and SaaS applications (through APIs). Flow’s custom real-time pipelines allow you to quickly connect all of these critical systems. 

Rockset is a real-time analytics platform built for the cloud. It enables developers to build data applications, powered by fast SQL analytics on real-time data, with surprising simplicity and speed. With its cloud-native architecture and ability to ingest and index data of any shape, Rockset is ideal for fast iteration and low-ops real-time analytics. 

We’re excited to invite Rockset customers to the Flow platform. Together, a Flow + Rockset integration can form the backbone of your real-time modern data stack, allowing you to:

  • Seamlessly connect dozens of systems and ingest real-time data at scale
  • Powerfully analyze and transform data
  • Operationalize data to serve your business goals

Why Estuary Flow + Rockset?

Estuary and Rockset share a vision. We believe in a future powered by real-time data — without the data engineering challenges commonly associated with it today. As more accessible, powerful platforms are built, real-time data can be a realistic option for more teams. 

Estuary Flow and Rockset have complementary functions for real-time data: Estuary Flow is focused on data movement and organization, while Rockset excels in real-time analytics. Each enhances the other:

  • Rockset allows you to build data applications on real-time data that comes through Flow. In contrast to other analytical databases, it’s designed for real-time, so you get cost-efficient analytics on data that is seconds old. 
  • Flow allows you to access data from more sources in real time. It expands Rockset’s supported connectors to include cost-effective and scalable database integrations as well as access to more popular apps, like Facebook, Hubspot, and Google Sheets. Customer requests for new connectors are fulfilled within a two-week period.

With the combined efficiency of both, you’ll see lower cost, lower latency, and greater ease of use across your real-time data stack.

How it works

Getting started is simple.

Current Rockset customer? 

  • Ask your Rockset account manager or support team to help you enable the Estuary Flow integration. 
  • Visit the Flow web application to sign up.

Current Estuary customer?

  • Contact your Estuary account manager to talk about next steps. 

 New to both platforms? 

  • Set up a free consultation with the Estuary team to discuss how the integration could meet your needs.

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